Ronaldo has an addiction unknown to everyone

Ronaldo is well respected and revered in the football world. A legend, a hero, an Icon and lately, the savior of Manchester United. He has scored in virtually all the matches he has played for United since joined the club.

Ronaldo over the years has taken over the football headlines day in and day out, most probably, Ronaldo is addicted to making the headlines. Whether he is playing on or not, he is making the headlines. Something he can’t help himself with. Just like an addiction.

When it is least expected that we would make a headline, that is exactly when he makes the headlines, and smashes records as well.

In Ronaldo’s last match for Manchester United against Villarreal, he couldn’t help but make the headlines again. He scored a last minute winner goal for United, which also won them the game, and once again, he took over the headlines. The City of Manchester was red once again, thanks to Ronaldo, and Ole Gunnar Solskjær will once again, have a sigh of relief.

He also broke the record of most appearances in a UCL match, currently, at 178 matches.

By: MissChris

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