Rot at Attorney-General’s office

The Ministry of Justice and Attorney General (MoJAG) has kept an amount of US$969,455.50 meant to be transferred into the Consolidated Fund Account since 2016.

The amount which is equivalent to GH¢4,740,635 were proceeds that Ministry from a criminal case involving the Republic vrs Flamingo Foods, in the year 2016.

MoJAG’s failure to make the transfer of funds amounts to a violation of Regulation 22 of the Financial Administration Regulations, 2004, which states that all public monies collected shall be paid in gross into the Public Funds Accounts and no disbursement shall be made from the monies collected except as provided by an enactment.

The Ministry of Justice and Attorney General maintains a United States dollar account with Bank of Ghana into which lodgment of royalties are made.

Again, contrary to Regulation 111 of the Financial Administration Regulations, 2004, the report noted that, management of MoJAG had advanced a total amount of GH¢75,153 from its revolving fund as loans to two State Attorneys between 2009 and 2010 for the acquisition of vehicles.

Although the loans were to be repaid by the beneficiaries into Zenith Bank Account, deductions were at a source, which was not disclosed in the report.

It stated, “We further noted that out of the total amount granted, GH¢43,454 had been recovered leaving a difference of GH¢31,699.”

As said by the Attorney General, failure of management of MoJAG to ensure that, these advances were deducted from the salaries of the beneficiaries at source accounted for the anomaly.

The transactions were made by A. R. Wiredu and William Kpobi, totaling, GH¢75,153. Whereas GH¢43,454.01 has been recovered, there is an outstanding balance of GH¢31,698.99 to be paid by the two officers.

The management Attorney General’s Department in Sekondi was also found to have failed to remit tax of GH¢3,429 deducted from the gross payments of GH¢36,428. Furthermore, withholding taxes of GH¢2,223 were not deducted from the gross payment of GH¢37,372 paid to staff.

The Auditor-General has therefore acclaimed that, management of the Sekondi Attorney General’s Department should ensure that the outstanding tax of GH¢5,653 is remitted to the GRA without any further delay.

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