Sakawa Boys At Offinso Confirm They Drink Blood To Make Money

In 2011, the desire among certain young people to become wealthy overnight began to rise to the top of the rung. The Toyota Corolla S was their favorite car back then. Initially, Sakawa commerce meant conversing with wealthy foreigners and then demanding money from them if you could persuade them. This method had been in place for a long time before many clients noticed they were being duped into paying cash to crooks. They stopped paying, and the sakawa boys improved their techniques.

They added spirituality to their new approach of getting what they desire, which began with simple chatting. Many of them sent photographs of their clients to powerful shrines, where rituals were conducted on them to ensure that they continued to behave what they were told.

Although this practice is still used, some people have pretended to be sakawa boys when they are not. These are the true blood money (sika duro) killers who kill innocent people in the sake of profit. A horrifying video from Offinso has gone viral, and according to one of the guys driving luxury automobiles, ritual murder was their way of becoming wealthy. You can’t follow them if you can’t drink blood, according to the person. His comment reaffirms their status as ritual killers.

According to a local who was interviewed, he once observed young men who were virtually naked carrying white coffins to the cemetery. He went on to say that youngsters are going missing at Offinso these days, but it wasn’t like that many years ago.

Other residents discussed how even adults at Offinso are going missing on a daily basis these days, with some of them being found dead or never found.

Watch video here

Money is good but the means to acquire them is what actually matters. Involving yourself in evil ways to get rich overnight will only shorten your life. Be humble and work hard, you shall make it.

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