Salinko Reveals How He Used To Chop His Wife Six Times Daily

Accomplished and award-winning Ghana actor who is also a Kumawood legend, Oboy Salinko, has for the first time, shared a story about his bedroom encounter with the wife during their first year of marriage.

According to Abraham Davies better known as Salinko, he used to have intercourse with his wife six times on a daily during the first 12 months into their marriage.

During an interview with Emelia Brobbey on Emelia’s hour, Salinko talked about Marriage and how guys choose their partners and somewhere in there dived into his marriage.

Talking about his marriage and his intercourse he admitted that he likes s3x very much the same as his wife so there was no kind of problem or misunderstanding anytime he called for the seeex marathon.

He further counselled in the course of the interview that, single ladies and guys marry people of the opposite s***x who share the same habits with them.

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