Save the Date – Huge As Funny Face Announces Wedding Date with Baby Mama Vanessa

Funny Face is doing well— at least that is what this picture he has just shared on his Instagram page.

He says he is doing well and starting all over again.

Funny Face says he now understands all that he has been through and just like diamonds, all the pressure was only polishing him so he comes out nice and precious.

Funny Face in his post also detailed that he would be going to Kumasi where he would reunite again with his baby mama and three daughters.

He says he loves Vanessa and would be getting married to her.

We can all attest that Funny Face has not had the last couple of months.

His baby mama left with his daughters, he was arrested, he was arraigned before the court and admitted to a mental home.

We are all happy that he has come out good and clean- we wish him well in the days and months ahead.

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