Scammers unemployed and intelligent – EOCO

The Director in charge of Legal and Prosecutions of the Economic & Organised Crime Office (EOCO), Mr Abu Issah has disclosed that internet scammers operating in the country are unemployed notwithstanding their intelligence.

According to Mr Issah, without their intelligence, the scammers would not be able to outwit their victims.

“Those who indulge in this as the perpetrators are mostly unemployed but they are very sharp,” Abu Issah said in an interview with Four Corners.

“They are very intelligent because it takes someone with an intellect to sit down and even fancy how to get into this activity. And also, to blindfold or hoodwink someone into believing whatever story he is putting across”.

He also revealed that the ‘big boys’ in this scamming business do not operate from internet cafés like their entry-level counterparts.

Mr Issah added that formidable crime organisations from Nigeria and other West African countries have taking hold in Ghana, making their operations sophisticated and difficult to track down.

Ghana’s Economic & Organised Crime Office is currently working with the FBI and Interpol to confront the cyber fraud industry.


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