Sex improves creativity so help your men make money – Counsellor advises ladies

Marriage Counsellor, Charlotte Oduro has indicated that sex brings out the creativity in men so married women should not starve their husbands when they are broke.

According to her, married women should rather give their husbands more sex when they are broke in order to bring out the creativity in them in their quest to looking for money.

“You don’t need to add up to his worries. He is already under stress and what he needs for relaxation is sex,” she said on Accra-based FM.

“Why should you even demand money from your husband before you allow him to have sex with you? Some wives are becoming very inconsiderate. They complain they get nothing rewarding after sex. This is wrong.”

The Counsellor indicated that the penchant for women to treat their husbands well when they are gainfully employed and treat them badly when they are not having money should stop.

“It is not easy for a man when he’s not able to take responsibility at home. Sometimes, it’s difficult for them to cry in your presence but they are going through pain,” she told host Dr. Prekese while highlighting the benefits of sex.

“Treat him well when he wants sex. It makes him more relaxed and when you’re relaxed, you’re able to think fast. It helps. Every man needs a woman that can encourage him when he’s dispirited.”


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