Shatta Wale Hoax Shooting: Ghana could be labelled UNSAFE for investors

Shatta Wale on the 19th of October was arrested for spreading false information over an alleged gun attack on his life.

As a Ghanaian youth, I have had the opportunity to work in the entertainment industry as entertainment show producer, blogger and have observed the disrespect some of the musicians show their fans, and even the handlers of various shows. Meanwhile, they preach “Support your own” and “Game Changing” among others.

On a daily basis, I ask myself a lot of questions about how to creatively develop our entertainment industry without resorting to insults (Beef). Even though I understand it is part of the game, backbiting and disrespect to industry players is something I find very uninspiring – a waste of good energy.

While Nigerians are topping charts, Ghanaians entertainers are rather “beefing” themselves as to who is richer, who has a range rover and swimming pool in his house and Shatta Wale is not an exception. (I don’t hate Shatta Wale)

I understand Shatta Wale is a game changer but must it always come with negative issues?

I think arresting Shatta Wale will serve as deterrent to other musicians and Ghanaians over faking issues that will cause unnecessary stir and panic in the country.

Having had the opportunity to read about the arrest of Shatta Wale, I think it is a good decision and his fans across the country will later understand because we have an agenda to “Fix The Country”.

I still don’t understand why entertainers in a developing country like Ghana would fake shooting to cause fear and panic.

Many people are of the believe that he’s a celebrity so he must be freed but it’s not about that.

The problem is, there are a lot of investors trying to come into the country and with such an incident involving Shatta Wale and his compatriots, Ghana can be labelled as unsafe destination with a slow progressive security system. This can drive away future investors.

Shatta Wale’s action can possibly drive away potential investors and the ones already in the country considering the fact that security, law and order are necessary for businesses to excel.

I am of the opinion that most of our challenges in the country are attitudinal.

All we need is a “transfiguration” of our mindset or our world view of the entertainment sector and Ghana at large.

We need a deep-seated change of mind that goes beyond beef and fake lifestyles. We must develop a nationalistic mindset, premised on a “Show and Business” agenda.

Ghana has all the big names to make a difference in the entertainment industry and help bring investors to build the economy.

Let’s applaud IGP, Dr Akuffo Dampare and his boys for their part in fixing the system.

MUSIGA, and all the relevant unions and agencies should also be seen to be more involved in situations like this and not just in awards.

I hope the musician union take a stand on this matter and soon. Silence is golden, but not when it threatens the general good of everyone.

Nene Kabutey Dosoo

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