Shatta Wale is a junkie – Pope Skinny

The longtime friend of Shatta Wale who has always been spotted in his company, Pope Skinny has just confirmed that Shatta Wale is a drug addict as has been suspected by many people.

Ever since Shatta Wale and Pope Skinny parted ways over the weekend for the second time they have been throwing jabs at each and it keeps getting dirtier.

According to Pope Skinny in a new post on Snapchat, Shatta Wale is a Junkie (Drug addict) and he won’t be dragged to his level.

The statement goes to confirm the belief that Shatta Wale indeed has a problem with drug abuse and probably needs help.

Pope Skinny did not end there, he added that he won’t argue with Shatta Wale who is a fool because he has been advised not to argue with a fool.

Shatta Wale has also dropped some wild filla Pope Skinny shared with him including how he raped a lady in Canada.

Shatta Wale also warned Pope Skinny to return $10,000 loan he gave him or he will attack him in town and cease his car.


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