She was a ceiling-breaker, first in everything, dedicated to God’s army – Agyinasare’s tribute to Brig-Gen. Edjeani-Afenu

Not only did Ghana’s first female Brigadier-General, Constance Ama Emefa Edjeani-Afenu, break the glass ceiling in many ways for women but also excelled in many respects and aspects of her life, the Presiding Bishop of Perez Chapel International, Most Rev Dr Charles Agyinasare, has said in a tribute to late army officer who was laid to rest at the military cemetery in Accra on Friday, 25 March 2022.

Brigadier-General Edjeani-Afenu, who was promoted to the highest position occupied by a female in the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) in March 2016, died on Monday, 24 January 2022 at the 37 Military Hospital after falling ill.

President Nana Akufo-Addo, dignitaries of his administration as well as the top hierarchy of the Ghana Armed Forces, were at the funeral ceremony of the late army officer.

In a tribute to the late army officer, who was a staunch and dedicated member of Perez Chapel International, Most Rev Dr Charles Agyinasare said: “Similar to her life in the secular, Elder Constance wore many hats in the church, functioned in different capacities to support the work of God, and rose through the ranks in the Lord’s army”.

Read Most Rev Dr Charles Agyinasare’s full tribute below:

“Then the king said to his men, ‘Do you not realise that a commander and a great man has fallen in Israel this day?’” (2 Samuel 3:38, NIV).

Let me borrow the words of King David and say that indeed “a commander and a great woman has fallen in Ghana this day”. Our dearly beloved Elder Brigadier General Mrs Constance Edjeani-Afenu has gone to be with the Lord.

As Christians, we are exhorted not to mourn the death of our brethren like the world would, since we know they are only sleeping, and we shall see them again one day. I, therefore, choose to celebrate a life truly well-lived, especially one that was excellent at work, church, and home.

Those who know her know that Brigadier General Constance was first in everything in her profession and was a ceiling-breaker for women, particularly in Ghana: at one point Platoon Commander and adjutant to 3rd Border Guards battalion; then adjutant of the Border Guards HQ training school; later, 2nd in command in the Forces Pay Regiment, before becoming Commanding Officer of the Forces Pay Regiment in 1999; by 2013 became the first woman deputy Military Adviser at the permanent mission to the UN; became the first female Brigadier General by 2016; and finally, ended up as Ghana Armed Forces representative to the Accountant General’s department.

Similar to her life in the secular, Elder Constance wore many hats in the church, functioned in different capacities to support the work of God, and rose through the ranks in the Lord’s army.

My first encounter with her was when she joined the then-Word Miracle Church International at Circle in 1996. She started out as an usher and was very committed and diligent in her work. She rose to become an elder and a church board member.

Wherever she was, she would watch my service online and give her comments. Where she did not understand something, she would ask me for clarity. Where she thought I was ‘biased’, she would complain jokingly, especially on days when I reprimanded wives in my sermons.

She was so dedicated that she never gave me cause to wonder why she was not in church. Any time she was going to miss church, she would give me prior notice. Since she was not in the same church as her husband, she would say, “Bishop, coming Sunday I’ll be following my ‘boss’ to church.” At other times, she would say, “Bishop, coming Sunday, I’ll be going with deacon to his church”.

Constance was also a loving daughter to me, always ready to serve and support. I remember vividly when I was celebrating 35 years in a miracle ministry with the Festival of Miracles campaign at the Independence Square, she opted to be the usher, ushering the dignitaries to the platform.

Also, when my dad passed away and I wanted to inform some notable people, she was on my team to former President Kufuor and the Army General Command.

Just before she returned to Ghana on her last mission to Morocco, we chatted on WhatsApp about her intended next phase on her return. She said except the president reassigned her, she was due for retirement and wanted to come home to rest.

When she returned on 2nd January, at dawn, she sent me a text asking to share a testimony. I forgot to inform the testimony team when I got to church. That notwithstanding, she got up during testimony time, and I saw them tell her that she could not testify since her name was not on the list. However, as she was going to sit down, I instructed the team to allow her to share her testimony. It was her last time in church.

Immediately I learnt she was sick and had been admitted at the hospital, Mama, Dr Selaise, and I went to visit and pray for her. I can still picture her smiling face saying, “Sir, thank you for coming to pray for me”.

I remember her last WhatsApp message on 19th January at 8:13 am: “Gm Epis, up and feeling better. God be praised. Thanks for all”, to which I responded, “We give Him praise”, and she signed off “Amen ooh.”

My dear elder and board member, fare thee well, and may you be kept in the bosom of the Lord. I am sure watching us from where she is, she would want us to celebrate the Lord at her home-going. I would, therefore, end my tribute with your favourite song, “Halleluya eh, halleluya oooo! X2 It’s a sound of victory. Let the sound of rejoicing fill this place”.


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