Sheila Bartels, others told to concentrate on their disloyal, cheating husbands; not side chicks

Gender activist and feminist Felicity Nelson has taken on Member of Parliament(MP) for Ablekuma North Sheila Bartels for praying that God delivers husbands from women willing to have an adulterous relationship with them, insisting that women like Sheila Bartels must rather concentrate on their cheating husbands rather than pray against the women their husbands have the adulterous relationships with.

Sheila Bartels had posted on social media seeking divine intervention in the matter of their husbands becoming victims of the witchcraft of well-flavoured harlots. She wrote: ““Because of the multitude of the whoredoms of the well favoured harlot, the mistress of witchcrafts, that selleth nations through her whoredoms, and families through her witchcrafts.

Nahum 3:4 KJV

Deliver our husbands, Lord, from every Chantel.


But Ms Nelson hit back saying that her prayer for the deliverance of their husbands from “every Chantel” is misplaced given that it is their husbands that actively seek to have adulterous relationships with women and that wives should expect loyalty from their husbands.

“Can someone ask her when we will be delivering Chantel from your husbands?

Your husbands’ leave the house and actively chase other women and do everything possible for other the woman to agree to date them

An outsider is not responsible for upholding your marital vows

You seek no accountability from the men that stand before God and man and vow to stay true to you yet you expect a woman that doesn’t know you to hold your marriage together

Seek accountability from your husbands,” she wrote.

Chantel Kudjawu

Chantel Kudjawu is a lady alleged to have had a romantic relationship with Mr Albert Kan Dapaah, who was then the National Security Minister. She became a known name when she allegedly put out a compromising video of Albert Kan Dapaah.

She has also been recently mentioned in the divorce petition of Mrs Gloria Assan Arhin as having a relationship with Mr Eugene Arhin, the Director of Communications at the Presidency.

Meanwhile, Chantel Kudjawu, through her lawyers has denied the allegations made by Mrs Gloria Arhin against her, demanding that Mrs Arhin apologise or face her wrath.


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