Shrine of Teshie Wulomo destroyed by suspected arsonists

The palace of the Teshie Chief Priest, also known as the Wulomo shrine has been razed down by fire.

All properties in the shrine have been destroyed according to reports reaching JoyNews.

Shrine of Teshie Wulomo destroyed by suspected arsonists
The incident which occurred on Thursday, August 5, has left more than 50 persons who resided at the shrine in the Greater Accra Region displaced.

Shrine of Teshie Wulomo destroyed by suspected arsonists
Secretary to the Osabu-Ayiku Wulomo, John Adjetey Kommey suspects arson; allegedly undertaken by persons involved in a chieftaincy dispute.

In his narration, he explained that there was a clash between two Teshie groups; the Mantse and Shikitele after embarking on a fishing expedition to mark the harvesting of fish.

According to him, there were gunshots that led to an individual being shot in the leg.

He alleged that the Mantse group proceeded to the family houses of the rival group and burnt two funeral parlours to the ground.

JoyNews/AdomNews · One person was shot in the clash between two Teshie groups – Secretary to Osabu-Ayiku Wulomo
“On their way from the fishing expedition, the Mantse group started pelting stones against the other group and they also retaliated with gunshots.

“Unfortunately, one person was shot in the leg. The Mantse group then proceeded to some of the family houses in the Tseiwe quarter. Two funeral parlours were burnt and they proceeded to the family house and they burnt that family house too,” he narrated.

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