‘Sika Kankan’: Nothing wrong with being young and filthy rich – Kweku Darlington

Kweku Darlington, Ghanaian hiphop/ hiplife artiste has indicated that it is absolutely important for young people to work hard to make money and acquire property while they are still strong and opportunities abound.

Speaking on “Ghana Yenso Mu Under 8 Minutes” about his hit song ‘Sika Aba fie’ and most recently ‘Sika Kankan’, he observed that it is possible for a young person to work hard to acquire properties. 

He rejected the public view that all wealthy youth are involved in dubious deals.

According to the sensational rapper, his latest release “Sika Kankan” sought to address the botched view of Ghanaians about rich youngsters.

Watch full interaction with Kweku Darlington in video below.


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