Sinare strategic tour vehicle lands in Oti Region

The pragmatic National Vice chairman of NDC and his team landed safely in the Oti Region 2 days ago for a 4 days working visit.

The National Vice chairman and his team were received by the Constituency Chairman, his co-executives, the PC and Mr. Divine, more importantly the teeming party supporters at the grassroots.

The main objective of this visit is to strengthen the branches and equally charges the unrelenting stalwarts of our beloved NDC to start spreading the gospel of NDC ahead of time.

Sinare’s led team had a mini rally at Papase zongo, Atakofi zongo, Dodo amanfrom zongo and Dapaa zongo all in the Oti belt.

Alhaji Yusif who happens to be the Constituency Chairman remarked that; “For a great personality like Ambassador Sinare to travel all the way to ‘Nana Addo’s by force Togoland’ despite his already tight schedules, shows how poised the Party’s hierarchy are with regards to NDC’s victory come Dec 7th”.

The Parliamentary Candidate for the Akan constituency was very much thrilled for the “strategic” visit of Ambassador and humbly pleaded for a repeat of such visit in the near future.

Ambassador Sinare asserted that “The ‘possible’ dream of change we are all yearning for can be realized only if the base is strengthened and well charged for the December 7th battle of the thumbs.

Essentially, this CRUSADE for “CHANGING THE BAD CHANGE” crusade has to be a daily collective struggle for each and everyone of us in the party.

At the end it’s not going to be an individual effort, everyone of us must help this CHANGE CRUSADE in their own “little” way. Be mindful that struggle is for us, but Success is for Allah.”

The bandwagon made a stop at at Dapaa Zongo where he gave a key remarks vis a vis the CHANGE crusade;
Sinare opined that;

“The CHANGE we yearn for must be all encompassing, all embracing and all observing. It is not a one-man-show so all hands must be on deck for the positive change we so much desire come Dec 7th.

However, it must be noted that there is nothing more difficult than the daunting task of battling for power especially when it’s in the hands of the acclaimed REAL OWNERS of Nkrumah’s Ghana (classical example is election 2008).

So this election we are going for vis its success or victory, all hands must certainly be involved in CHANGING THIS BAD CHANGE. It’s not more a news that, under the watch of this supper incompetent NPP, things has gone awry for a more than 3 and half years hence the slogan CHANGING THE BAD CHANGE.

The John and Jane ticket unarguably is the panacea to the current maladministration not forgetting the glaring incompetence in almost all the sectors of this current administration.

Sinare also used the platform to re-echoed the promise made by H.E John Mahama about the solemn pledge to provide access to FREE primary healthcare in the next NDC’s administration.

Fellow kantamsonians present here, i encourage you to visit the trenches and the hinterlands (i.e the settling communities) around this constituency to spread the NDC’s gospel for it’s obvious the Victory of NDC has beckoned, and i know for sure that “you” wouldn’t want your name not to be part of this history making.

Thank you for your audience,
Ey3 Zu!!!!

Signed: Alhaji SiNARE
Aide 0246543074

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