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Sincerity, honesty eroding from Ghana’s political space- Former EC David Kanga

Former Deputy Chairman of the Electoral Commission (EC) David Adeenze Kanga has bemoaned the gradual eroding of sincerity and honesty in Ghana’s political space.

He believes that political players in the space need to show love for the country as they lead the process of development.

David Adeenze Kanga who spoke to the Ghana News Agency in an interview on the late former President of Ghana spoke highly about his contributions to the country.

Describing Rawlings as an achiever, he indicated that but for his ingenious leadership, there will not have been electricity in various parts of the country like there is now.

“Extending electricity to the whole country is not a small achievement. He insisted, and today there’s no village that’s not enjoying electricity on the national grid.”

The Late President Rawlings, he said, also saw to the construction of the Tamale Airport and the Wa Airstrip.

Speaking on Rawlings’ Military Intervention, he said he was not shocked that Rawlings intervened because he was the darling boy of the Junior Officers and since their intervention was for the Junior officers, they gave him the needed support.


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