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Social Media is ‘boiling’ as Fan Mistakes Kwabena Kwabena for Mr Drew

Disrespect or an honest mistake? A fan who took a picture with Kwabena Kwabena seems to have mistaken him for another artist and the fans feel offended.

They claim kids born after 2000 are disrespectful and this is not a mistake to make.

While some found it offensive that she will mistake him for Mr Drew, others also found it funny as they imagined she genuinely did not know. They just hoped she didn’t call him that to his face.

These two artistes are not people you will consider as alike looking but after the picture some claim they can see the resemblance.

This sparked conversations that had people arguing if Mr Drew can go song for song with Kwabena Kwabena but this was immediately shut down as a laughable argument.

Both artists nonetheless are good in their own right and have made strides in their careers but one is at legendary status and the other is just starting.

Every bald headed artist doesn’t necessarily look like the other. It’s like a fan mistaking Samini for Kojo Antwi because they both have dreads.

This picture is nothing short of a fan, probably of Mr Drew and not Kwabena Kwabena who genuinely was star-struck and wanted a moment with the artist but this turned into a sour moment for her after she was receiving all that backlash.

Generally people found it funny and so critique was quite balanced luckily for her.

Judge for yourself with the picture if there is really a resemblance.

Source: ghanacelebrities.com

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