Soldiers smash phones of Bolga residents filming accident instead of helping

Some residents of Bolgatanga in the Upper East Region incurred the wrath of Military men leading to the destruction and seizure of their mobile phones.

The soldiers were angered by what can be described as negligent and irresponsible behaviour by some witnesses to a fatal accident who instead of helping to rescue the victims, rather pulled out their mobile phones to film the awkward scene.

Eyewitness explained to that two persons on a motorbike, veered off into the lane of an incoming vehicle loaded with alcoholic drinks.

One of the motorists was knocked down while the other run under the vehicle sparking fire.

Immediately, there was an explosion which the rider got stuck and was wailing for help under the burning car.

This attracted onlookers to the scene where some people started filming the scene without attempts to rescue the victims.

This angered the soldiers upon arrival to the scene to discipline those filming the scene. While some had their phones smashed, others received physical discipline.

The soldiers then moved in with their colleagues from Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) to put out the fire.

Unfortunately, it was too late for the stuck motor rider to be rescued because, he burnt into ashes.

The accident happened at the Bolgatanga- Navrongo highway hundred metres away from the Regional hospital intersection.


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