Some people have a problem with logic – Aseidu Nketia 

Johnson Asiedu Nketia has lashed out at the ruling NPP for what he termed as smear campaign against former President Mahama over free SHS review comment.

He expressed disgust at the rhetoric making rounds that Mr Mahama’s comment suggests that he would “collapse” the free SHS if elected president.

He insisted that the double track system introduced into the free SHS system is bogus and would be scrapped should the NDC win the next elections.

“Akufo-Addo himself knows the double track system is not good, and akin to the shift system we had previously. That is why he himself has stated that it is only a temporary measure.

“He has said that he is looking to review the policy to make it better. How can the same word ‘review” used by Mahama be interpreted to mean collapse of the system? This is simple English? What argument is that? I think some people have a problem with logic,” he said on Okay FM on Thursday.

Mr Asiedu Nketia stressed that the double track system was introduced because the NPP couldn’t complete the infrastructure students need to facilitate teaching and learning activities.

He added that the green card and gold card which juggles high school students between semesters is not the best.

“The green card and gold card phenomenon does not help students, so just as the NPP claim they will review it. We will also review it,” he insisted.

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