Spend on your wives to also have ‘big duna’, flat tummies like your side chicks – Husbands told

Husbands who go after ladies with flat tummies, big backs and other attractive looks have been urged to spend on their wives as they possess similar features and better.

According to controversial marriage counsellor Rev Dr. Charlotte Oduro, they only need investment to bring out those hidden beautiful features in them and can look more attractive than the side chicks most husbands go after.

She observed on Okay Fm’s Ekwanso Dwodwo with Abeiku Santana monitored by MyNewsGh.com men after marriage stop investing in their wives to look attractive but rather see the need to sponsor their side chicks.

“They are ready to blame, you are looking fat, your stomach is big, your hairstyle is terrible…my brother if you want your wife to look good, go get her the things that would make her look good. Give it to her because you give it to the side chicks out there. You pay money, take some of them for shopping in Dubai. You know the needs of the people outside but the needs of our partners we have ignored them”, he she disclosed.

This she observed has led to some women also neglecting the needs of their husbands which includes providing them with good sex and massaging their stressed feet to keep them relaxed.


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