Sperms released during intercourse reduces a man’s lifespan – Spiritualist

Nana Guan Bay, a spiritualist, and herbalist has revealed that every sperm that a man releases during sexual intercourse reduces his life span.

According to the spiritualist who spoke with Ghpage.com’s Black Halfcast on Ghpage TV, that is the main reason why men who chase after women a lot die at a very young age.

It’s not because of any curses placed on them or their bad deeds killing them but it is the sperm they are releasing which is killing them without their knowledge.

Nana Guan Bay, who revealed he is Hare Krishna added that the only that comic reaction ceases is when a man marries.

He explained that sleeping with your wife does not give you the chain reaction you get from sleeping with other women you are not married to.

The spiritualist also revealed that the World will last for 430,000 years before it comes to an end. As at now, he claims the world has spent less than a quarter of those years so God is not coming anytime soon.

However, judgment starts as soon as one dies. So it will be better to preach to people to change their ways in order not to face God’s wrath when they die than to tell them God is coming because he is not coming anytime soon at all.

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