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Spio Garbrah overpays NDC flagbearer filing fee

Mr Ekwow Spio Garbrah has submitted his nomination forms for the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) flagbearer contest.

He presented the forms Tuesday evening and instead of paying the Gh¢300,000 filing fee, Mr Spio Garbrah overpaid it by Gh¢5000 to bring it to a total of Gh¢305,000.

This was to demonstrate that he was capable of paying the filing fee contrary to public perception that he was “broke.”

Mr Spio Garbrah was among the aspirants who protested the initial ¢400,000 filing fee and even when it was reduced to Gh¢300,000, they sent a second petition asking that the fee should be reduced further to Gh¢150,000.

Following this, some had concluded that he was broke and could not pay.

However, after paying the Gh¢305,000, Mr Spio Garbrah said he along with the other aspirants protested in principle that the NDC as a social democratic party, ought not to have been seen exhibiting capitalist traits by imposing exorbitant fees on people who wanted to lead the party.

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