Stop corporal punishment in your schools – NaSIA tells Proprietors

The National Schools Inspectorate Authority(NaSIA) has urged school proprietors to ensure that the act of corporal punishment desists in their schools.

According to NaSia, it has received continuous complaints from concerned parents regarding corporal punishment malpractices in schools attended by their wards which have resulted in physical and emotional repercussions on the said victims.

A statement signed by the Inspector General of Schools, Haggar Hilda Ampadu, PhD, urged proprietors to “take note that such practices are considered an offence under the Corporal Punishment Policy prescribed by the Ministry of Education which has been adopted by NaSia.”

The statement comes after a teacher at the Komenda Senior High School (SHS) allegedly delivered forty (40) lashes to a student of the school, Sarafina Mensah that left her badly bruised on her bottom.

She reportedly broke bounds on Sunday, June 20, to buy food outside the school without exeat – permission from school authorities.


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