Stop killing Ghanaian businesses – A Plus tells politicians

Controversial musician and member of the New Patriotic Party, Kwame A Plus has called on politicians and leaders in Ghana to desist from working against the growth of Ghanaian businesses.

According to him, most businessmen are seen as aligned to some poitical parties and such businesses are made to pay whenever opposing parties come to power.

Kwame A Plus who expressed these sentiments in a post on Facebook indicated that supporting Ghanaian businesses to grow is a recipe for the growth the country has been craving for over the years.

He indicated that Political Parties need to be careful with how they stifle the growth of some businesses in the country because it inhibits growth and development.


Just last week, a Ghanaian, Mr Ibrahim Mahama received the African industrialist of the year award in London. Ghana our beloved country is blessed with almost everything including the manpower needed to build and lead us into prosperity. Unfortunately “you do me I do you” and dirty winner takes all politics is killing us. We hate ourselves and fail to support our own.

Dangote is a Nigerian. At a point their government decided that a local company must be given all the necessary support to build a local cement manufacturing plant. The then Obasanjo government also instructed that cement for all government projects must be purchased from this local manufacturer. That is how come Dangote cement became what it is today. As I write this Nigerian company has successfully gained grounds in the Ghanaian market and is gradually taking over while Ibrahim Mahama’s cement factory which can employ over three thousand sits idle because someone powerful somewhere is frustrating him at a time when we are shouting one district one factory. Unfortunately we have not been able to give Kantanka the same support that the Nigerian government gave to Dangote. Can’t we give Kantanka specifications and begin purchasing some of his cars for the state? I’m not against foreign investors. However, I love my people more, irrespective of their political affiliation.

Somewhere last year I had a chat with HE the president. During our chat he said something very interesting; “Kwame, if a Ghanaian and a foreigner are bidding for a job, I prefer it goes to the Ghanaian so long as they are capable of executing it, irrespective of where they belong politically.” During Prof Mills presidency, some people told him that a man called Charles he had awarded a contract to was a member of the NPP and he asked them a simple; “ɔyɛ NPP nyi nti ma ondzidzi” (Must he go hungry because he’s NPP?) These two examples clearly indicate that some of our leaders do not personally support this kind of infantile behaviour exhibited by some if their people. But in one way or the other, the tradition goes on.

This practice of destroying businesses for political reasons did not start today. During the PNDC and NDC era, so many businessmen who were suspected to be member of the previous government or against the revolution like the late Appiah Minkah of Apino soap, the late Mr Siaw of Tata Breweries etc, were targeted, victimized, sabotaged, hounded and systematically frustrated to the extent that they had no option but to fold up. When the NPP took over in 2001, it was of course payback time for some members of the ruling party though we spent time and money on reconciliation. Then the NPP lost in 2008 and some elements in the Atta Mills government sort revenge by going after businessman like Kingdom Herbal, Yafo Yafo, Tobinco, Kinapharma etc who were known or perceived to be supporters of the NPP and then candidate Akuffo Addo. It was during that same period that property belonging to Chairman Wontumi was set ablaze.

If the NPP does not heed to former president Kuffour’s advice and unite so that they rule Ghana forever, but allow power to trick them, I envisaged the return of NDC to continue this winner takes all syndrome. Is that how to build a country?

My first question is, In a country where we have an association of unemployed graduates, when will we put a stop to this immature” you do me I do you” democracy and support businesses to grow in spite of our political differences? My second question goes to the business community themselves. Are you happy your colleague on the other side of the political divide is being hounded? What are you doing to ensure that when the party you are sympathetic to goes into opposition it won’t be your turn to be hounded?

No businessman can use money to buy votes in a general election. If the people want change, only God can stop it.

Who will break the jinx? Asɛm sɛbɛ!!!

Congratulations Mr Ibrahim Mahama!!!

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