Stop making excuses and go into business – Jobless youth told

Dr Philip Aryee, President of Kingdom Entrepreneurs Academy, London, has admonished the youth to look to entrepreneurship as the way to financial success.

The entrepreneur urged them to build their own business empire to achieve financial independence.

“Anyone that wants to be financially independent cannot attain that through the earning of salary. Anyone that depends on salary for sustenance is a slave to salary and there is no way one can retire rich if he continually works for people,” he said.

Dr Aryee said this in Accra at a seminar on the topic “Business Leadership and Career Development and the launch of Young Professionals and Young Coalition (YPYC) Icon Club.

Dr Aryee said any young entrepreneur, who want to achieve success should follow reliable business modules in order to start and grow their own business.

He said it was imperative for the youth to be trained to acquire the right foundation and the right perspective in order not to end up as a mere statistic, but people who have done something productive for national development.

“Excuses should be a subject of the past and that neither an individual background nor the level of education should be a stumbling block for entrepreneurship advancement because others neither had education or a proper background but with wisdom, knowledge and understanding they have been able to make something with their lives”.

He said there were certain characteristics that demonstrated that a person is “cut for business”, urging the youth to have confidence in themselves and be innovative to make an impact in the economic world.

Dr Aryee charged on the youth to be competitive in the job market, and as well strive not just to beat the competition but to dominate the competitors.

He encouraged young Entrepreneurs seeking to become entrepreneurs to find and develop a profitable business idea, research into the business idea with a consultant, identify problems and endeavour to solve them.

Mr Andy Osei Okrah, President of YPYC, said the Club sought to raise transformational leaders and create avenues to nurture young leaders in the country as they consciously got trained in discovering skills to achieve success.

He said the bane of Africa had largely been on leadership and as such the organisation’s interest was centred on steering upcoming leaders on the path to success to facilitate the benefit of the nation as a whole.

“We need great leaders for this country and no matter whether it is black or white so far as we have good educational system, good roads, good health systems, and we are all enjoying as Ghanaians then we are okay”, he said.

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