Stop TV, radio stations from promoting ritual money – Adam Bonaa to NCA

Security analyst Adam Bonaa has urged the security services to deal with the rising cases of ritual killings in the country.

At least two chiefs and some other individuals have been killed under mysterious circumstances over the last few weeks.

Speaking on the Alert show on Starr FM, Adam Bonaa said the security agencies and the National Communications Authority must work together to keep Ghanaians safe.

“In the end, we would have some amount of sanity in this country and with the promise of doubling money and sometimes I’m told they will tell you to bring all sorts of things and some of it would include human blood and all that.

And so I’ll call on the NCA again to rise up to this occasion and deal with this canker because we have too many mushroom radio and TV stations in this country who are just not bothered about how they make their money and not bothered about the quality of the programs they put on their network and yet these radio stations are running, the TV stations are running and the NCA is watching,” he said.

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  1. I support it, how can ritualist take over the TV, Radio and the social media, the problems it’s cousin are many, enslaving the souls of the youth aka sika duro (ritual money). The early the better.

  2. Now you are talking right, they make it look legal in Ghana to do ritual money. How can they be televising money doubler on television where many citizens are watching and many lose mind will fall victim and sometimes the ritualist asked them to bring human parts thinking that will scared them. both the witch doctor and their client are murder!

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