Strika of “Beast of No Nation” fame back to the streets

Emmanuel Nii Adom Quaye aka Strika who was featured in the popular movie, Beasts of No Nation fame is back to streets according to latest information picked up by MyNewsGh.com.

Despite sustained efforts to enroll him in school in order to give his life a true definition, the street boy turned star prefers otherwise and is seen in the company of other street guys to the shock of many who thought he was doing something meaningful with his life.

Strika was first enrolled into Cape Coast Montessori School but he abandoned the school and was on the streets begging for alms.

The headmaster of the school was quoted as saying “He keeps running away from school. He ran from school ahead of last term’s examination. The last time we found him was at ‘wee’ smokers’ ghetto, and he even asked us to give him ‘wee’ in one instance”.

In the latest development, Journalist with the EIB Network Caleb Nii Boye is shocked why as to why Strika is unable to stay in school after another encounter with him on the streets.

He wrote “I shed tears bcos I jus do not understand what takes him back to the streets after all the bash I got for doing a poor job some months ago by seeing him on the streets of GIJ.

Within 3 weeks, Strika has been spotted on the streets of Accra. I personally made a colleague take him to Osu and keep him till I pick him up.

Strika ran away after my colleague went to his room to change his shirt. So Ghanafuo, what do u think we shd do this gentleman, NB: he is not a relative. I just admire the talent and as one who started as an actor I know a good one shd I see it.

Good people of Ghana kindly call me 0241220534 anywhere u find him so I come fetch him.

This has messed my year up.”


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