Struggle for Nsawam MCE Position gets Dirty

With the contest for District, Municipal and Metropolitan Chief Executive position heating up, elements within the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) have started throwing mud at each other to get an edge over their competitors.

The case is no different in the Nsawam/ Adoagyiri Assembly in the Eastern Region, where the incumbent Municipal Chief Executive, Isaac Kwadwo Buabeng, and two others are claimed to have defrauded some contractors using the name of the NPP National Chairman and being investigated by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID).

The claim is that the MCE and his accomplices some time in 2019, collected money from a group of 26 contractors in the name of the NPP National Chairman, Freddie Blay, promising them government contract.

The MCE and one, Davies Kwashie Adatey, who works at the Assembly, have been accused of taken huge sums of money from the individual contractors, including one Member of Parliament (name withheld) to one Nana Agyemang, aka Marone on the claims that they will give them contracts.

But the MCE, when contacted vehemently denied all the allegations being levelled against him, insisting it is an agenda by his detractors to assassinate his character.

He maintains, he has not done anything of that sort, by taking money from any contractor.

“I’ve not done anything of that sort. Who gave you that information? They’ve given you a false information. I am saying I’ve not done anything of that sort, so those who gave you the information have given you a false information,” Mr. Buabeng fumed.

It was alleged that the contractors were told that the amount taken from them will be given to the NPP National Chairman, Freddie Blay who will order the contracts to be awarded to them.

The MCE, Isaac Buabeng, who is leading the alleged fraud business when taken the individual contractor’s money will later award the same contract to a different person who pays higher than the first party, then refused to refund the money back.

For instance, when he will award a contract Of Ghc 25000, then takes his part and share that with Quashie before given the rest to Nana Agyemang, who is also using the Party Chairman’s name to do his business.

The MCE once awarded a road weeding contract to his party 1st Vice Chairman, by taken an amount of Ghc 4000 from him and later awarded the same contract to a different person which he has refused to pay the money taken from the chairman.

The actions of the MCE and his accomplices, reportedly infuriated the contractors who have file a report at the Criminal Investigation Department Headquarters in Accra against them.

A source has disclosed that the contractors in a group, since 2019 started to made a case against the Nsawam / Adoagyire MCE and Kwashie Davies Adatey for taking the money from them for an unseen contract.

It was disclosed that the team leader, Nana Agyeman, also known as Marone told the contractors that he will award them a contract from the NPP National Chairman, so they should pay Ghc 20, 000.00 each as facilitation fee.

Some of the contractors paid amount ranging from Ghc 20, 000.00, Ghc 40,000.00 to Ghc 60,000.00, but the contract was never awarded to them.

The source, said the case was sent to court but the court ordered the prosecutor to sermon the MCE and one other man at the assembly called Dodowa.

The NPP National chairman as gathered confirmed that he knows Agyeman but has never promised to award the contract to anybody.

Mr Blay then instructed him (Nana Agyeman) to refund the money to the contractors and indeed some of the monies were refunded to about six of them who made the case.

However, the MCE and Mr Kwashie, have refused to pay their part of the money, hence been reported to the CID to be investigated.

It was gathered that in a smart move to avoid prosecution, the MCE wrote a petition against Mr Kwashie to be sacked, since he is using the office to defraud people.

Interestingly, the MCE as gathered is one who received the monies and gives a share to Mr Kwashie, but ends up denying knowledge about it when invited by the CID for questioning.

The contractors, who are mostly sympathizers of the NPP, have expressed worries about the situation.

Some who fear been victimized, have denied knowledge of the said contract scam.

The MCE, told The Herald “So, if any false information about me, you know character assassination? I know the people behind all these things. Even if I’ve taken somebody’s something, are you the person to call me or is the person to come for his money or what? I’ve not taken anybody’s money.”

According to him, “This is the third time somebody has called me on this. So, I’m waiting for anything of that story to come out so they will hear the side of me. Maybe, that is where I will also get money…so it is a business, it’s politics we are doing”.

Mr Isaac Buabeng, also rubbished reports about him being investigated by the Criminal Investigations Department.

“I’ve not gone to CID headquarters in connection of anything of that sort. So, if you want any information, go to the CID headquarters or let the person come to me or go and report me to the police station,” he stated.

When asked, if he knows one Davies Kwashie Adatey, he said yes.

“Quarshie works at NBSSI [a business advisory center] at Nsawam Assembly. So, if Quarshie is having business with somebody, the person should go and see Quarshie and not me. This is a fourth or third person of that nature, who has asked me this silly question of that sort. So, they should go ahead and do something. Character assassination, am ready for them,” the MCE charged.

The MCE, has also indicated that, he doesn’t know anyone called Nana Agyemang and directed his accusers to go and find him.

“You will be there and somebody will just call you for this and that, because I said I can’t work with Quarshie Adatey anymore? Then people have started calling and calling me…calling me for what? I said I can’t work with him anymore! He can’t work at my Assembly; I don’t need him. So, he can go outside and concoct anything he likes”, the MCE Mr Buabeng screamed.

He said, “I don’t extort money from people, I am not a fraudster and I will never be a fraudster. Go ahead and publish, you will be reckless to be sued,” he stated.

Source: www.theheraldghana.com

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