Suicide victim’s family denies deceased lost investment in collapsed Menzgold

Family of a man who committed suicide at North Suntreso in Kumasi has denied he had funds locked up in defunct Menzgold.

Twenty-six-year-old Taddy Mensah’s relatives woke up Monday to find his lifeless body hanging on a sponge at the porch of their home.

Speculation is rife he took his life over loss of huge investments he had made in the collapsed gold dealership firm.

However, Tady’s father Akwesi Annor tells JoyNews his son had lived on menial jobs and could not afford any heavy investment.

The shocked father said he had shared dinner with Tady the previous night only to find him dead the next morning.

“I was asleep when I heard someone knock at my door. I woke up only to see my sister who informed me of the incident. Taddy’s lifeless body hanged on the sponge,” he said.

Mr Annor wants the public to treat the rumours about his son’s death with contempt.  

“He was my son. It is not true he had investments locked up at Menzgold. He sold at the market, when he is in difficulty, he would ask me for money. Apart from me his brothers here also helped him.

“So what kind of hardship will push him to commit suicide? As if that’s not enough, people are spreading all sorts of falsehoods; they are only politicizing my son’s death,” he bemoaned.          

Meanwhile, the Suntreso police have scheduled autopsy on the deceased for Wednesday.                          

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