SWAT Capo ordered to produce Sam George’s beater

The seventh witness in the Emile Short inquiry into the Ayawaso West Wuogon impasse has been ordered to produce the man who assaulted Mr Sam George, the Ningo-Prampram Member of Parliament (MP).

Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Samuel Kojo Azugu, Commander in charge of National Security SWAT team, who appeared at the commission yesterday in police uniform, was first asked to scribble down the name of the man at the center of the assault, to which he obliged.

The commission then asked him to produce him to the commission for some interrogation, to which he also quickly agreed.

“The person whose name you have written that you said he is the one who assaulted honorable Sam George, make him available for us. If need be, we will take his evidence in camera,” the Commission Chair said.

“Yes my lord,” DSP Azugu answered.

It would be recalled that there a shooting incident during the Ayawaso West Wuogon by-election by some unidentified armed men at the La Bawalashie Presby Junior High School (JHS) polling center, leading to the injury of at least six people.

Another incident that gained public attention was the assault of the National Democratic Congress Member of Parliament for Ningo-Prapram who was at the scene by one of the men whose identity is not known.

Below is what transpired between lawyer Eric Osei-Mensah and DSP Azugu

Q: Have you heard about a situation in which a Member of Parliament was assaulted by a person believed to be part of the National Security?

A: Yes my lord, it has come to my notice.

Q: How did it come to your notice?

A: Through social media.

Q: So, then officially there hasn’t been any report?

A: Yes, there is a report, my Lord, on this issue. I was there, but I did not see it physically because of the positioning of my vehicle at that particular moment, so it was through the audio visuals that I saw that one of my boys allegedly assaulted the MP.

Q: So, then you have watched the video from your own account?

A: Yes my lord.

Q: And you can confirm that it was done by one of your boys?

A: Yes my lord.

Q: And you have been able to identify him?

A: Yes my Lord.

Q: Are you ready to give his name to the commission?

A: Yes my lord. I will give it to the commission in camera.
No problem, we will give you paper to write his name

When the commission asked Mr Azugu what led to the confrontation between the national security operative and the Mr Sam George, he indicated that the veracity of what transpired is so damning that he can only disclose it in camera.

He said that if he should tell it to the public, the Member of Parliament might be attacked again, and he doesn’t want that to happen, so he will brief the commission in camera.

Q: Now, have you subsequently investigated that matter?

A: Yes my lord, we are on it. The National Security Council is on it. The Ghana Police, BNI has come in, so they are doing the investigation.

Q: As you sit here, you cannot tell this commission what caused the misunderstanding?

A: Yes my lord.

Q: You haven’t had any interactions with him?

A: My lord, what that operative told me I can give it to the commission in camera, because it is in bad taste; what he said the honorable MP told him; and it will not be palatable for me to mention it to the whole country.


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