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Sweden team evacuate hotel following false fire alarm

Sweden’s hotel had to be evacuated following a false fire alarm in Samara ahead of their World Cup quarter final against England.

The national team had to leave their hotel rooms at just after 8:30am on Saturday after the fire alarm was activated as their hotel, and the buildings surrounding it, were evacuated.

According to the hotel management, they believe the alarm went off due to either someone smoking in their room or someone accidentally hitting a fire alarm switch.

All the players are now back in their rooms and will look to progress with their plans ahead of the match.

Sweden are hoping to reach their first semi-final since 1994 when they take on Gareth Southgate’s side at the Samara Stadium.

England have won one game in the past eight matches over Sweden, however, this did come during the group stages of Euro 2012, where England ran out as the 3-2 winners.

In the last meeting between the two nations in November 2012, Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored four goals to win 4-2 in an international friendly.


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