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Takoradi Missing Girls: More skeletons to be discovered – Anita Desoso

Police investigators, earlier this week, discovered a fourth set of human remains in a well at Nkroful new site at Takoradi in the Western Region.

Two Nigerian suspects – Samuel Odoetuk Wills, 28, and John Oji, 29 – have been charged with conspiracy and kidnapping, and are on remand in prison custody pending trial on October 16, 2019.

The remains were found in an uncompleted building near the location where Samuel Udoetuk Wills was re-arrested after his escape from police cells when he was first arrested for the kidnapping of the girls.

A statement from the police read, “the remains were discovered at an uncompleted building where Samuel Udutoek-Wills was re-arrested in connection with missing persons and later convicted for unlawful escape”.

The fourth set of human parts found in the well adds to the complexity of the missing girls’ mystery and also gives the parents more leverage to question the integrity of the story so far.

The missing girls are Priscilla Blessing Bentum, 21, last seen on August 17, 2018; 18-year-old Ruth Love Quayson, last seen on December 4, 2018, and 16-year-old Priscilla Mantebea Koranchie, last seen on December 21, 2018.

They were later confirmed to have been kidnapped after their kidnapper demanded a ransom.

Interestingly, the police last Friday, 2nd August, exhumed some human remains within the premises where one of the suspected kidnapper Samuel Udeotuk-Wills resided.

Speaking to this in an interview on Neat FM, a former first Vice Chairperson of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Anita Desoso, believed that if indeed a fourth set of human remains has been found, then it is likely by next week, the ‘number will go up’.

“….does it mean the suspects have killed more than three people . . . if a fourth skeleton has been found; wait and see by next week, it will go up. The question again is are there other missing people that we don’t know of?” she rhetorically asked.

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