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‘Talking parrot Martin Amidu seeking cheap popularity’ 

NDC firebrand Murtala Mohammed says Special Prosecutor Martin Amidu must focus on his work and stop seeking “cheap publicity” in the media.

He said Martin Amidu’s assertion that ‘strange’ monies were hitting his account since he assumed office as the special prosecutor is unwarranted and a sheepish way of attracting media attention.

“If monies are hitting your account is that news? In any case it is very simple to trace the source of the funds, so coming public on that matter was not necessary. He was seeking cheap popularity,” Murtala Mohammed said on Metro TV on Tuesday.

Martin Amidu in his latest article on the topic, ” The Obligation to return Suspicious Payments of Public Funds into one’s Bank Account,” said he was surprised when an unspecified amount of money hit his account from an unknown source on August 3, 2018.

He said he found out that his account had been credited after making cash withdrawal by cheque from his current account from a bank he did not disclosed.

Mr Amidu wrote “I immediately made a verbal objection to the Branch Manager where I had gone to make the withdrawal in view of my earlier standing instructions to my Branch Manager not to accept any payments or transfers into my account without first clearing with me personally owing to an earlier incident when a similar payment was transferred to the credit of my account without notice or authorization from me in 2015”.

But Muetala insists the publication was needless and a strategy by Mr Amidu to win public sympathy.

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