Tamale NPP executives call for removal of Musah Superior

The woes of the Tamale Mayor, Iddrisu Musah Superior has deepened as more party executives join calls for his removal from office.

Alhaji Rashid COP said the sustained decongestion exercise which evicted hawkers and market women from the streets pavements and removed squatters from the forest reserve would affect the electoral fortunes of the party in the next election as many party members were being affected by the exercise.

The Mayor suspended the exercise for about five weeks but fought back only two days ago, announcing plans to resume the operations in the coming days.

And just after that announcement, the entire executives of the NPP in the two constituencies in the Tamale metropolis, Tamale South and Central joined calls for Musah Superior to be sacked.

At a news conference in Tamale, the executives tied red rags to warn the president about red waves that would hit the party in the constituencies if joked with their request.

The heavily attended news conference had very controversial party figures including the Tamale Central constituency chairman popularly called chairman “sheedemyinyaa” and the former campaign financier of Musah Superior when he contested and lost the Tamale Central Parliamentary elections in 2012.

The Tamale South constituency secretary and regional communications team member, Yussif Danjumah, said the mayor was engaged in misconducts that would affect the party in 2020 elections and he must be stopped immediately.

In the prepared statement, Danjumah said they were very angry in their call for the dismissal of the Chief Executive Officer of the Tamale Metropolis and the decision was reached at a meeting by the executive committee of the party in the two constituencies following refusal of the Mayor to honor invitation for a peace talk.

He said: “we are very angry to issue this important statement. The executive committee of the above [Tamale South and Central] mentioned constituencies are calling on the president, His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo Addo to dismiss the Tamale Metropolitan Chief Executive, Iddirisu Musah Superior, with immediate effect”.

Danjuma said the Mayor runs a parallel administration without consulting the constituency executives under his jurisdiction and disrespects the executives with outright contempt.

The constituencies also accused the Mayor of undermining the authority of the regional, his deputy, and awarded contract to himself and cronies.

Musah is accused of neglecting party members in the two constituencies and rather hoarding the assembly’s resources to Mion, where he intends to contest in the next parliamentary primary of the party.

“No single contract has he ever been awarded to the current crop of executives for both constituencies to support them to run the party fulfilling his own promise to do so.Ever since he declared his intentions to contest the NPP primaries in the Mion constituency, his appetite for the development of his constituency is very glaring for any careful observer to the detriment of the two constituencies under Tamale metro,” the party members claimed.

They stated that the actions and conducts of the Mayor show he has no regard for the party executives and therefore want the president to choose between the executives and his Mayor.

“He throws his weight about and claim that he is answerable only to the president and that he got his appointment from the presidency, at least that is not in contention,” Danjumah conceded but added “Mr. President we are asking you to choose between the party executives and an individual who is bent on destroying the party in the metropolis”.

“Mr. President, your party members are tired with their MCE and we are asking you to save the party in the Metropolis by dismissing Musah Superior as the MCE for Tamale Metro with immediate effect upon receipt of our petition which would be sent to your Honourable office or else the worse would happen,” Danjumah ended with “enough is enough”.

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