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Tattoos increasing in popularity among Ghanaian celebs

Local celebs D-Black and Eyeson have both recently made headlines because of their impressive collections of tattoos. While the Ghanaian rapper stated in an interview that each of his 27 tattoos has a significant meaning, the London-based songbird proudly declared that she was still a virgin, despite what her numerous tattoos might lead people to think about her. Although tattoos are still frowned upon by many of the more conservative Ghanaian natives, forward-thinking celebs are paving the way for everyone who would like to get their own special pieces of art emblazoned on their bodies. Apart from D-Black and Eyeson, there is a whole host of other Ghanaian celebs that already sport an impressive variety of tattoos.

Soccer players drawn to significant tattoos

Sulley Muntari, a former Ghanaian international footballer who now plays for Spanish second-tier club Albacete, sports a number of interesting tattoos all over his body. While most of his skin art consists of religious quotes and Arabic symbols, Muntari also honors his beautiful wife Menaye with a tattoo of her name on his arm. Another soccer player who is known for his tattoos is Kevin-Prince Boateng, who currently plays for Barcelona. Although Boateng is of German-Ghanaian descent, he is extremely proud of his African heritage, and has a map of Ghana and the country’s name tattooed on his arm. He also has the Chinese words for health, love, trust, success and clan tattooed across his ribs, along with various other designs on his upper body.

What is a musician without a tattoo?

While not everyone is quite as daring as the likes of Post Malone to get inked on their foreheads and cheekbones, there are countless musical artists in Ghana that sport a number of interesting tattoos. 90s bad girl Ebony Reigns has no less than 14 tattoos, which include an impressive star with feathers between her breasts. Shatta Wale, who is best known for his hit Dancehall King has a multitude of tattoos, including one just below his neck that reads, 'Prove Dem Wrong.' Rapper EL is another Ghanaian artist who has acquired a number of tattoos in recent years. His latest additions are a gigantic crucifix on his abs and the ‘ELien’ logo on his right arm. On his chest, you will find an abbreviated version of his favorite quote from the Bible that reads, ‘If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.’

Beauty queens and actors also have a love for skin art

Although sports stars and musicians may have a great love for skin art, they are not the only Ghanaian celebrities to sport tattoos. Ghana’s Most Beautiful’s Nasara has decorated her lovely legs with a variety of tattoos, while actress Kafui Danku has a colorful design on her arm. Another veteran actress, Pascaline Edwards, has a number of tattoos on her back and arms, with Nadia Buari often flaunting the cute angel tattoo on her shoulder. Even Vicky Zugah is a self-proclaimed tattoo addict, and boasts various designs on her arms, hand, back and around her waist.

While tattoos were once heavily frowned upon, they are definitely becoming more commonplace in modern Ghanaian society. With new tattoo trends surfacing all the time, it will be interesting to see what designs local celebs will be embracing next.

Written by: Katlyn Eriksen

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