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Teacher caught red handed laying on top of her teen pupil

A teacher was found lying on top of a female teenage pupil at her home, a hearing has been told.

The British music teacher is accused of having sex with the 17-year-old girl after drinking with her and a classmate at her flat.

She was also spotted kissing and holding hands with the girl at a family park and picking her up from a party between 2011 and 2012, it is alleged.

The teacher faces a total of four allegations in front of a disciplinary panel. They include two other pupils with whom she is said to have used Facebook to send X-rated messages. Yesterday the hearing took evidence from Pupil B – a friend of Pupil C, the girl said to have been in a relationship with the teacher while she was working at a high school in Paisley, near Glasgow.

Pupil B told the panel how she, another pupil, and Pupil C were at the teacher’s flat where they would sometimes drink alcohol. Pupil B said on this occasion ‘I opened the door and (the teacher) was naked on top of her. I could only see the teacher. It was incredibly awkward.’

She told the panel there was ‘no doubt’ it was her friend in bed with the teacher.

Pupil B also spoke of another occasion where she shared a lift home with the teacher and Pupil C, who were ‘holding hands’ in the car. Another time, on a trip to a safari park ‘they were holding hands and kissing’.

The teacher faces further charges that she engaged in an inappropriate relationship with another 15-year-old pupil by sending her a Facebook friend request and asking for her number. These were used ‘to have inappropriate conversations…of a personal and sexual nature’. She is also accused of meeting the girl outside the school and kissing her after drinking alcohol.

The General Teaching Council for Scotland hearing in Edinburgh alleges that her fitness to teach is impaired and that she is unfit to teach. The teacher was not present at the hearing but denies inappropriate conduct. Renfrewshire Council said: ‘We took action as soon as we became aware of incidents taking place. The employee no longer works for the council.’

Source: Daily Mail

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