Tema shooting: Security apparatus shielding Kingdom Exim boss?

Security personnel handling the Tema Indians shooting incident are alleged to be providing ‘cover’ for the suspects.

The suspects, James Gnanaraj, CEO of Kingdom Exim Ghana Limited, and his younger brother are linked to the Tema Community 7 attempted murder involving two Indian nationals – Francis Selvaraj and Mahesh Kumah Balun.

It has emerged that a top government official has allegedly teemed up with some security operatives to provide cover for the suspects.

Our checks indicate that the ‘Red carpet’ treatment that was offered the suspects explains the slow investigation process.

On Tuesday, 24th March 2010 the victims were invited to the CID headquarters in Accra and were informed to desist from the publications regarding the incident that are circulating in the media.

The victims denied having caused the publications to be done.
A close monitoring of the suspects has revealed a military pick-up with a heavily armed men escorting them.

On December 27 2019, two Indian nationals, Selvaraj and Mahesh Kumah Balun were shot at close range by two men on motor bike at a Pub in Tema Community 7.

Francis use to work for the suspects’ company, Kingdom Exim Ghana Limited, and his appointment was terminated after he confronted the suspects about the illicit sexual affair by James with Francis’ wife.

This was the beginning of Francis’ problems and the cause of the attempted murder that took place on December 27, 2019.

Prior to the shooting incident, Francis was threatened at gunpoint by the suspects.

Francis was imprisoned in the premises of the suspects till the next day Francis and he was deported from Ghana.

Before the deportation, the suspects told Francis; “If you inform anybody about this encounter and the issue about your wife, we will kill you and dump you in the thrash and nobody dare question us; not even any governmental body in Ghana will dare question us. We have money and can buy anybody at all in Ghana”.

Thereafter, Francis returned to Ghana, and the suspects started following and monitoring him until December 27, 2019 when the shooting incident took place.

It is believed that it was the love affair issue between James and Francis’ wife (name withheld) which became public that necessitated the shooting of Francis and his friend.

It is also worrying that in the light of petitions written by the Lawyers of the victims, investigations have not gotten anywhere.

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