The “Devils” and “Fools” Have Been Ruling this Country for a Long Time? (Part One)

What is the difference between NDC and NPP and all the other parties!!! For many many years, I have seen traffic on the Adenta-Shiashi- Accra-central stretch when the road was one lane, today it’s been expanded to 3 and 4 lanes but there is still traffic. Why should I vote?

Why should I stop at an intersection when there could be a better road design? When traffic lights go off, no one cares to quickly and efficiently repair them.. why should I vote?

Why should it take us 4hours to commute to work and back within Accra..the same time we can use to travel to Kumasi? Why should I vote!

For many years, there has been traffic on the N1 lapaz-Kasoa-Winneba stretch, today we still have it. Why should I vote?

Imagine some big mess happens on the winneba-Kasoa road, no parallel road to bridge Accra and central region. Why should I vote?

From day one i traveled to Kpando using the Peki stretch, the road has *never* been smooth-till today! Why should I vote?

We have found oil in commercial quantities but TOR is apparently sleeping!! When we didn’t have oil TOR was working, Why should I vote?

We have mined/extracted many minerals and fell and harvested trees, farmed Cocoa yet we dont have any benefits! Why should I vote?

Land litigations have been with us for years.. today every land is a suspect..we all dont know who owns which land. Why should I vote?

Back then there was a revolution to clean up the corrupt system, today thieves and murderers are walking freely and even responding to courts and institutions (Woyome, Dzifa- bus branding, BOST deal, STX, Segleme housing, the Ameri update/upgraded deal, PDS, PPA boss- really? Just no jobs for 5years? , major mahama’s murders, JB Dankwa’s murders, Guinea fowls and Excavators gone missing..people are walking freely..Goat and mobile phone thieves get 10years jail term!!! why should I vote?

Listen to them on the campaign platforms!! You know it’s all about the next election and nothing transformational. It’s insults and, doing and undoing each other…no continuity in development.

See the party paraphernalia hanged and scattered in town. Those monies used for those “useless” things could transform the lifes of many but no!! The “Devils” and “fools” will misuse them!!!

People tell me, “if you dont vote the devil and fool will rule you.” My answer to them is the “DEVILS and FOOLS” have been ruling all these years!! What has been the difference!!!

My principle is that, I manage my expectations because I believe nothing phenomenal will happen in our life time- manage your expectations.. just brighten your corner.


Part 2 soon….

-Dela BensonBani-

Source: Dela Banson Bani/theheraldghana.com

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