Enough of the doom prophecies – Wiyaala to prophets

Music sensation, Noella Wiyaala has expressed her views over some Ghanaian prophets who speak publicly about the deaths of celebrities.

According to the “Mama Africa” music fame, the thought of you knowing that death awaits you especially when you are at the peak of your career will definitely break you down.

She further added that, Just being told that you will die in the next few months ultimately will not give you the right frame of mind to go about your daily life.

She said this when speaking in an interview with E with Becks on JOY Prim “its high time they put a stop to that, why cant they prophecy that Wiyaala is going to be a millionaire in the next coming years, when a prophecy is positive, even if it hasn’t happened yet, you feel energised to work towards achieving it but same cannot be said of doom prophecies,” she said

“the death prophecies about celebrities is very worrying, what i know as a person is that a man of God is supposed to protect and guide you on your life path not prophecy your death”

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