The Fall of The Mighty!- Hilarious Moment Ali Falls Flat On Shemi As He Tried To Lift Her Up

Last night’s episode of Date Rush was as usual full of drama— it was the second part of the season five reunion and all the contestants that came on the show had something dramatic to say.

From the cheating stories to the MOMO stories to the insults through to the bad English, in was a dramatic night and we all had a good laugh.

The couple that highlighted the show for us us Ali and Shemima, not even Fatima and her date left the fans talking as much.

Ali and Shemima came on the show with dance just like all of the contestants do. We were enjoying their ridiculous and unsynched dance until Ali decided to carry Shemi in his arms.

Ali is lanky, from how we see him, it would be really difficult for him to lift even a bag of cement without putting in the strenuous effort so to actually attempt to carry Shemima sure was a shock.

Shemi on the other hand is plus-sized with her behind graciously endowed. Ali could not, of course, he could not have even if Samson was living through him so it was an epic fail.

Before any of us could say Jack, they were all flat on the stage— Ali on top of Shemima.

Who even asked him to?— at the end of the show, he proposed to Shemima but she sort of turned him down with an excuse that the ring is cheap.

Meanwhile, Desmond and his date have been voted the best couple of season five by the fans— they are just adorable together and fans wish that they become more than what they are now.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com

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