The fear of tomorrow – Nkrabeah Effah Dartey writes

“Tomorrow, tomorrow and tomorrow, recorded time goes on and on. Life is but a walking shadow” ………….so says Shakespeare.

The commonest topic for now being discussed by Ghanaians all over in the various drinking bars, common rooms, club houses and at gatherings is the mind blowing shocking devastating prophecies by the avowed Man of God,  Bishop Owusu BEMPAH OF God’s Way International Church.

According to him,, the year 2019 does not look too good for the nation Ghana in terms of most of our previous leaders. J A Kuffour, his wife Theresa, John Mahama, National Chief Imam and several others are on the line…..to Burma Camp?

I had no doubt in my mind that the NPP was going to win the 2016 elections,, but my confidence grew in leaps and bounds when Reverend Owusu Bempah came out boldly to declare that if NPP loses the elections, he will burn the Holy Bible.

I told myself – well well well, that is a true Man of God speaking. His faith in God is double barreled.

Like all mortals, I bet I am not alone in wondering what will happen TOMMOROW. Will tomorrow be alright?

And you know, what makes life so interesting is that when you are young, adolescent, going to school, University in the high prime of youth, you seem to think life is FOREVER, DEATH is very far away, you can do, literally anything in this world.

Then as you hit 40 years, 50 years, heading to 60 years seeing EVERYDAY people dying in their sleep, people collapsing suddenly and dying, accidents, floods, earthquakes….now, wait a minute – what is the guarantee that I will be alive tomorrow?

Just three days ago I had a very good laugh when an old client came to my office and said “Captain I want to change my Will.” He put on my table a Will I wrote for him some time ago. I opened it and, reader, hold your breath – it was dated 4th January 1988!!!

He who was so disturbed that he was going to die and made a lawyer to write his Will, has survived Thirty years, to change the Will.

According to history, Otumfuo Opoku Ware, when he was an infant, was always a weakling almost on the point of death.   Nobody gave him a dog chance. But he lived to become one of the longest reigning most famous conquering Asantehene of all time.

Nobody, I repeat, nobody, APART FROM Almighty God, holds the key to tomorrow.

I had a terrible experience in the year 2000. A certain client after great pressure pulled me from the office at peak prime time for every lawyer – 3pm to go round town to record on tape evidence from some three old men on the verge of death. We went first to Tudu, later Nkrumah Circle – Both men looked frail, weak, almost at the door of their graves. I felt sad and very quiet.

We went to the third person’s house- we saw him in shorts, watering his garden, smiling broadly, sharing jokes I told my client this man has at least 10 years to live. We left without taking evidence from him.

Two weeks later he rather, was dead.

Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow….the fear of tomorrow drives men to do unspeakable things……..running to pseudo pastors, mallams, fortune tellers and confidence tricksters.

There is only ONE solution to the fear of tomorrow: absolute TRUST in Almighty God and His son, Jesus Christ. There is no other way.

The other day I attended the burial service of Colonel Agodogo at Burma Camp and the Moderator of Global Evangelical Church gave a ringing sermon.

He told us “look here there is no need to fear. Trust the Lord. It was He who created you, and even when you were in your mother’s womb, he knew you. God knows you, by name. Even the very hairs on your head are numbered by Him. Don’t go to any pastor to pray for you – do so yourself, talk to God, personally, trust Him and you will be alright.

Tomorrow? Tomorrow is pregnant with a lot of issues.

I was shocked when I was told at the national Labour Commission, when mortuary workers went on strike that on each day, ambulances around the city bring in 50 dead bodies to the mortuary at Korle Bu EVERY HOUR!!!!!

Reader, do not be afraid of tomorrow. No matter what the “prophets” will say, just put your trust in the Lord. Do the right thing, be as careful as humanly possible and you will be alright.

The fear of tomorrow!!!

Let me end with a strange experience

The day was Monday 31st December. Time around 5pm. I was watching a programme on TV in my living room, lying on the sofa. Then I fell asleep. And dreamt.

I saw the biggest hotel ever in my life. Very executive, very tall, with Columns designs, but by the sea with violent storms hitting the magnificent building. Then I saw fire on the 3rd, 4th and 5th floors of the building – raging wild fire, then the storms subsided calm and I saw foundations of the Hotel – then, to my surprise, I looked up, and saw a dome, like the type of American Congress building, tilt to the right, as if falling…then, my eyes opened…..it was a dream!!!

Any Joseph or Daniel to interpret this dream?

Tomorrow? Very pregnant.

Written by Nkrabeah Effah Dartey

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