The Media Should be made Fourth Arm of Gov’t with good benefits – Political Activist

Young Political Activist Emmanuel Abankwah Kesse popularly known as Olumanba has applauded the media for playing an essential role in promoting Ghana’s democracy.

According to the 26year old Politician, if Ghana is looking out for a very healthy functioning democracy and a balanced reportage, the media should be made a fourth arm of government with good benefits.

“I don’t blame some of the media persons on issues of being bribed to keep relevant information from the general public.
Yeah, they do that because their salaries are not good hence they accept any financial offer that comes their way’.

‘Government must at least get the media a card to be able to purchase items from supermarts and malls at a discounted price.
Government should support organizers of ‘genuine’ media awards so they can increase the prizes given to winners.This can motivate other journalists to work hard for the prize too’.

He opined that, it is sometimes dispiriting hearing that a media man has been brutalized in his or her line of work, so he suggests a special legislation should be passed to mitigate assaults on our media men and women.

‘I feel uneasy anytime I hear that a media person has been assaulted in his or her line of work. There must be a law to safeguard journalists from assaults’

‘Recently, I saw a video of one Class Media Journalist Asonaba Kwadwo Numafo being assaulted by a man known by his Party members as ‘Tilapia’ at NDC Headquarters after the supreme court ruling. What is government doing about such issues?’

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