The NDC and NPP are the same in terms of intolerance – Prof Gyampo

Regrettably, Prof Gyampo noted that the support base of the ruling NPP are also guilty of same crime of political intolerance.

He added that his research show that the support base of the two parties are intolerant, not only when their Political Parties are in power, but even in opposition.

Professor Gyampo intends to publish the research paper as a journal article in a scholarly journal. But he had this to say in his concluding remarks, in a brief interview with our reporter:

“The sad reality is that, some NPP apparatchiks are intolerant. But some NDC apparatchiks are also not tolerant, even in opposition.

“Those seeking to maintain power, must know how to tame the arrogance of power and be tolerant of dissent. Those who seek power, must also know how to comport themselves, to show a clear difference between what is there, and the alternative.

“It is boring to continue to see the two main parties as the same, in terms of their respective abilities to be tolerant. Let there be difference, if any of them is to be taken seriously by discerning election king-makers.”


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