The University of Ghana Is An Affordable Choice for Hawaiian Students

Hawaiian students who want an affordable way to study abroad in Africa should consider applying to The University of Ghana, which allows up to 10 percent of its student population to be international students, according to The U.S. Embassy in Ghana. This post-secondary educational facility’s rates for courses and programs are very reasonable. The university is committed to welcoming international students from America and other parts of the world. Every year, 2,000 USA students decide to further their educations in Ghana. This is due to the fact that The University of Ghana proves to be a smart financial choice for foreign students, including Hawaiians, for a number of reasons.

Costly language lessons won’t be required

The University of Ghana offers Study Abroad programs that are taught in English. Ghana is a West African nation where English is spoken. This is one of the key reasons why Hawaiian students and other international students who hail from English-speaking countries decide to study in Ghana. Ghana’s official language is English and most people who live in Ghana are multilingual. Studying abroad without a language barrier is easier on Hawaiian students. They may drink in the character and richness of the culture, without needing to master a new language. Also, they won’t need to pay to learn a new language, and language lessons can get rather expensive.

The university offers good value for the money

This university placed 11th within Africa in 2018, based on information from The Times Higher Education World University Rankings. Other rankings place the university even higher in Africa. It is considered the best place to get a university education in Ghana. This university is established. It has been an independent university since 1957. Students look at university rankings because they want superlative value for the money that they will spend on tuition and other fees. Highly-rated universities have more cachet, so Hawaiians who choose the University of Ghana will be able to get more mileage out of their study abroad time, when it comes to putting together resumes down the line which impress prospective employers.

Ghana is also a fun place to explore, without spending a fortune, when classes are finally done for the day. Ghana is home to stunning natural attractions, including Kakum National Park, which is a rainforest, and the scenic Boti Falls. It’s possible to enjoy many of Ghana’s natural attractions without paying a single penny. Hawaiian students have so much outdoor beauty to drink in while studying in Ghana and the cost of living in Ghana is low. It is just over 35 percent lower than in the USA.

Tuition fees are rock-bottom

The cost of an entire summer program at the University of Ghana in 2019 is just $2,480. The price of the summer program includes housing. This is a great deal for Hawaiian students and foreign students in general.

To put it into perspective, a similar summer program in New Zealand would cost $6,380, with housing included. The cost of just one undergraduate credit during summer session at the University of Hawaii is $462.00. If studying for a semester isn’t enough, international students should know that studying for a full academic year is also possible. When Hawaiian students crunch the numbers, they see that they can get a lot for their money in Ghana.

Students from Hawaii, USA who study at The University of Ghana learn about African culture without busting their budgets. They are also able to get to know West Africans, because there isn’t a big language barrier holding them back from connecting. Since this university is highly-ranked and very affordable, studying at this university means getting a great education for a low price.

Written by Katlyn Eriksen

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