The wisemen group in NPP: The truth has vindicated Mahama

After NPP strategically over projected Bawumiah to be the custodian of knowledge and wisdom in Economics, the reality has exposed him and reduced him to his real level.

Is that the competency Bawumiah talked about when NPP was in opposition? In the absence of lack of integrity and credibility no reasonable person of independent mind will attack the credibility and competency of the Former President John Mahama again after NPP failure within two years to achieve 5% of what the incompetent Mahama did within 4 years bearing in mind that he wasted almost 1 year to defeat NPP in Supreme Court. Having tasted the reality with its bitterness, it is expected that Bawumiah will apologise to his senior brother for forgiveness and pray to God for repentance but still his ego and the youth exuberance is deceiving him. Bawumiah should remember that his greatest enemy in politics is not John Mahama but some people in his own NPP so he should be wise a bit to hesitate whenever he is sent to heap insult on John Mahama. A word to the wise is enough.

Mahama who spent his first year in court with NPP could use the remaining 3 years including the election year with all the distractions from NPP and his own party founder and founder’s wife to achieve such unprecedented infrastructural development with workable policies need a commendation than this continue character assassination game. John Mahama good policies and measures gave NPP the best results they had in 2017 such as stability of the Cedi and low inflation. Level 100 Economics student knows this. The problem facing the country in 2018 means that NPP government performed badly in 2017.

If Bawumiah is still labelling John Mahama as incompetent who wants to come back and cause further damage then there is a sign of dishonesty on the part of Bawumiah and his NPP government.

The goodwill that Akuffo-Addo /Bawumiah government had in 2017 and had wasted 2 good years and instead of bowing your heads in shame, you want to divert attention.

Bawumiah must stop the jokes because nobody takes him serious again. He has now been exposed.

If you call this abysmal performance competent then comparatively Ghanaians prefer Mahama administration that you deceived us to be incompetent.

The truth of the matter which NPP doesn’t want to hear is that from now up to June 2019 if there is an election, NDC will win hands down. The results may change from July 2019 onwards if NPP can do magic within the next 6 months.

Don’t deceive yourselves with stable electricity. Who doesn’t know that NDC solved that problem before 2016 election? Since NPP came to power, have you added 1 MegaWatt to what you inherited to take any credit?

Free SHS is now a curse because of its poor implementation leading to double track. Playing with the future of innocent children. If this double track system had happened under John Mahama, NPP would have nailed him as the most useless person in Ghana. Hmmmnm posterity will judge us all.

You complained about Ameri deal and because of your high desire for money you became blindfolded and soiled the President himself with this dirty scandal. Considering the dirty scandals you keep committing at the communication ministry including NIA $1.5 Billion ID card fraud.

Since you came to power Akuffo-Addo has been roaming up and down instead for him to sit down and solve the problem confronting the nation as a President. He is just wasting the national resources. The government officials who should work, Akuffo-Addo has been carrying them along from one region to another whether they are doing campaign for 2020 election or not; nobody understands. But the truth of the matter is that Akuffo-Addo main experience in life is how to do campaign on big platforms. So though in government he still prefers campaigning to sitting in the office and performing as a President.

God have mercy on our mother land-Ghana under this so called competent government.

Gabby Otchere Darko suppressing the media from exposing NPP has its limit and you must be warned.

Where is Manasseh Awuni? Has he seen or heard of what NPP is doing? When is Manasseh going to talk about what is happening at the communication ministry, education ministry, Springfield Energy free $3 million shared with Akuffo-Addo’s wife, GHAPOHA, Ken bond, NPA, Ameri deal revised edition, Kwasi Nyantakyi having the President and Vice President in his pockets, 20% bribe through Gabby Otchere-Darko before contractors get paid by Ken Ofori-Attah at the Ministry of Finance, GNPC dirty scandals etc.

Godwin Amponsah
Media relation manager

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