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There’s no scientific proof marijuana causes ‘madness’ – David Oscar

Reggae artiste, David Oscar, has laid bare his thoughts on the debate on the decriminalization of the use of marijuana, popularly called as “weed”.

The comedian now a reggae musician in an exclusive interview with Asempanews.com insisted that he finds it absurd that hundreds of able bodied men who could be contributing meaningfully to the building of the nation are locked in the prisons over the use of the herb marijuana

In his estimation, weed affords nature myriad benefits and has huge medicinal and economic potential for a country like Ghana.

He bemoaned the demonization of the herb which otherwise would have been an income earner for the country under the pretext that it makes people go crazy.

He explained that the masses who have gone “crazy” by allegedly using marijuana, have been using an adulterated version which causes them irreparable brain damage and they turn around to blame the plant for their woes.

“It has not been scientifically proven anywhere that using marijuana has made anyone gone crazy. The persons who have been said to have gone crazy, mix the plant with substances like heroine, cocaine etc… and when they suffer the consequences, they turn around to blame weed,” he said in an interview with asempanews.com.

He challenged government to open up for a debate on the subject at the various levels of the educational sector to dig out the countless benefits of marijuana.

He stressed that he is an ardent advocate for marijuana, not because he keeps dreadlocks but can personally testify to the medicinal values he has personally derived from the herb.

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Source: Asempanews.com

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