They can never break the eight and will spend 12 years in opposition – Nigel Gaisie tells NPP

The prophet Nigel Gaisie has spoken bluntly about the noise of the NPP towards the road to the 2024 general election. The NPP seek to retain power beyond the term of 2024 and have come out with the term "breaking the eight" with the dream of doing so. But the 'man of God' has spoken differently about this dream of the NPP.

On Angel TV this Monday morning, commenting more on the subject, he spoke to declare that he has been given the assignment to put NDC on the seat of power and all works have been completed in that regard. "I carry an assignment, and that is to put John Mahama and the NDC back in power. So that, I have worked on and completed. The NPP should forget about going beyond 2024 because their time has expired. And they should know that after 2024, they will stay in opposition beyond 12 years. They should also go and apologize to Reverend Isaac Owusu Bempah because his anointing will fight against them", Nigel Gaisie declared. He concluded by saying that Prophet Owusu Bempah did all the "spiritual dirty works" for the NPP to win 2020 election, but for them to have hurt him so much, it will greatly go against them.

By: SamAG

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