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They do not bath with water, yet give free “Sex” to guests; See what they bath with

Some argue that tribalism is one of the most disruptive influences confronting newly independent sub-Saharan African states. There is little evidence, however, that tribal identity is on the wane, even among the most progressive elements within newly created states. The very terms that are used to describe oneself or others in Africa – nation, nationality, tribe, ethnic group – are highly charged and can be manipulated by friends and foes alike.

Amongst all these different tribes in Africa and their beliefs, let’s check out the tribe that doesn’t bath with water.

This tribe of people who live in the Himalayas and ethnic groups give sex for free to their guests and also adorn newborns with bead necklaces. They live in isolation and are wary of external contact and work hard to ensure that their beliefs and culture is not contaminated by outsiders.

The Himba people live in the Kunene region of Namibia and are predominantly farmers and livestock breeders. Their women are preoccupied with gathering firewood, cooking and serving meals and sourcing for freshwater. Polygamy is welcomed and young girls are married off at an early age.

The Himba people live in one of the most extreme environments; the harsh desert climate and the lack of potable water are the reasons why this tribe have difficulty getting a bath. How strange is it that these people do not bathe with water?

Some of the women in India use red ochre to make up their skin and then take a daily smoke bath to maintain their hygiene. Shouldering charcoal is dropped into a bowl filled with herbs and the smoke is allowed to ascend and the people bow over this smoking bowl and because of heat, the body perspires and helps in washing the body. Their lack of bath routine doesn’t mean that they look less pretty.

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