Those who created the national security monster have lost control – Kwasi Aning

The Director of the Faculty of Academic Affairs at the Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Centre (KAIPTC) says the recent impunity of National Security operatives cum vigilantes is because their handlers have lost control over them.

Professor Emmanuel Kwasi Aning said those who had sponsored their training had not imagined that the “monsters” they were making would come around to haunt them.

Speaking on Joy News’ PM Express on Monday, he stated that, he’s not surprised that the vigilante groups are attacking state institutions and undermining state authorities with impunity.

The National Security Ministry has been in the news since May 11, after its operatives allegedly physically abused a Citi FM journalist at their premises.

The security operatives also accosted another reporter of the station at its Adabraka premises to give them information.

The Ministry later released a statement justifying its action stressing the journalist gained access to a security zone through false pretences.

Commenting on the development, Prof Aning said the audacity of the vigilante operatives stems from their training at the hands of South African mercenaries in 2016 before the general elections.

“Now if you remember, prior to the 2016 elections, three South African mercenaries were flown to Ghana to provide some training for some boys – now after a lot of uproar, and I think it will be important here to say who were those who brought those people? Who were the boys who were trained at Agona Dua-Nkwanta? Where are those boys?

“My argument is that precisely because of the thinking from the South African mercenaries, in which the training or the philosophy underpinning their training was to let these boys attack the pillars of public authority, that training has gone done well, and that is what is happening,” he said.

Prof Kwesi Aning said due to the dangerous indoctrination of these vigilantes to resist and undermine state authority with impunity, President Akufo-Addo must quash them using the military’s might before they metamorphose into a much dangerous terrorist group.

“Those who created manipulated, and let these boys loose lost control, and therein lies my earlier argument for the Commander-in-Chief to recognise the dangers that these boys pose medium to long term and to bring in the military to try to crush them,” he said.

According to him, the President’s failure to do so immediately would result in more aggravated vigilante action in the coming years.

“This is a dangerous long-term debilitating danger that will undermine the broader national security structure and also our own stability as a nation. Something must be done, and it must be done right now,” he added.

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