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Thugs smash face of bus conductor with metal chains

Commuters on a commercial bus travelling from Adenta to Kasoa in the Central Region were thrown into state of shock, after a thug at the Medina Zongo junction bus stop smashed the face of a bus conductor with metal chains.

The thugs demanded an amount of GHC10 from the conductor for picking a passenger at the bus stop near Madina Zongo Junction.

The conductor resisted arguing that the fares of the people he picked at the spot would not add up to the amount he was being asked to pay. The conductor dropped GHC2 and closed the door.

But before the driver of the Benz Bus would take off, one of the thugs who are known to wield dangerous weapons smashed the face of the conductor with metal chains.

The bus conductor winced in pain as he held his face in pain after the ordeal.

A young man offered to take over the activities in the bus.

An alarmed passenger urged him to report the matter to the police at Madina but he said he feared he would be charged an amount of money (which he does not have) for making a statement.

“These reckless activities is the order of the day here. These thugs have taken over both Masalakyi and Zongo junctions in Medina. They extort monies from drivers who stop over to drop and pick up passengers and the police are doing nothing about it.

“During rush hours in the mornings and evenings, these thugs are seen operating subtly even in the presence of the police,” another passenger added.

Distraught passengers are thus calling on police at police to disband the groups who have become a threat to drivers, bus conductors and even passengers.

“This is unacceptable! They must be stopped ASAP! What are the police at Madina doing about this? Mind you today they injured a bus conductor, next time it could harm a passenger or even a passersby. The police must raid the place and bring sanity to the area,” Kofi Aborampa, a passenger on the bus fumed.

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