Timing of Prof Ahwoi’s ‘Working with Rawlings’ book inappropriate – Raymond Archer

Renowned journalist Raymond Archer has said the timing of Prof. Kwamena Ahwoi’s release of his ‘Working for Rawlings’ book is inappropriate.

He said the content of the book does not present the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) in a good light, therefore, it should not have been released at a time when the party is preparing for a major election.

“There’s a reason why people vote and there’s a reason why people select themselves to be voted for, so [you’ll think] politicians will like to present themselves in the best light possible.

“But does this book present the NDC and it’s key members, some of whom are actually contesting, in the best light possible? No,” he said on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show, Tuesday.

‘Working for Rawlings’ chronicles Prof. Kwamena Ahwoi’s experience while working with former President Jerry John Rawlings.

The former Local Government Minister also spoke about the political history of Ghana between 1979 to 2010.

In the book, he outlined, in comprehensive detail, his working relationship with former President Rawlings with adjoining events.

He explained a lot of events which for a long time had been rumoured adding that somewhere along the line, his relationship with Rawlings fell through.

The motive of the book, however, has been questioned by many who believe the book is a tool to discredit former President Jerry John Rawlings.

Many have said it is out there to damage the NDC and some persons at the helm of affairs in the party.

Raymond Archer said the timing of the book was very bad for the party especially as it prepares for the polls in December.

“I think the NDC could’ve done without this book. I think the timing is very bad. And I think that it is this multiplicity of equations that is keeping a lot of them more quiet because probably they wish that they don’t give credence to the book: that it will die as quickly as it came,” he added.

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